Two Firearms, Ammunition and Marijuana Seized in the Pinto and Arima Station districts yesterday during crime eradication exercise.
We are very concerned about our nation and where we are heading. Today, the Prime Minister came and announced more restrictions, but again, where is the plan going forward?"
The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service conducted an anti-crime exercise, resulting in the seizure of a firearm, ammunition, narcotics and the recovery of three stolen vehicles. The operation was performed on Thursday, 11th January 2024.
In total, around 273 people are in the hospital. The Health Ministry of Trinidad and Tobago further informed in the report that a total of 6 new deaths have been recorded, taking the total death rate to 1,397 on the Caribbean island as of 16 September 2021
A total of 414 new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Trinidad and Tobago, along with 15 additional deaths on November 16, 2021. With this, the toll of active COVID-19 cases has increased to 7,171. A total of 63,084 COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the island of Trinidad and Tobago since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Ruby-topaz hummingbird or Chrysolampis mosquitus is a very beautiful species having the habitat in Trinidad and Tobago.
A recent report says that A private forensic autopsy performed on the body of Andrea Bharatt has unveiled that she died from extensive internal hemorrhaging.
UNC Leader Kamla Persad appreciated the involvement of every citizen in the recent Virtual Report.
The Carnival Institute and Regional Carnival (CIRC) of Trinidad and Tobago familiar the public with Nina Simone.
The government of Trinidad and Tobago approves Pepper spray as a device of safety for women in the nation.