Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Prime Minister Of Bahamas inaugurates London Creek Bridge in Andros to revive aquatic life.
The Free National Movement (FNM) stated the Prime Minister's Business Outlook address for 2021.
 Ministry of Finance released a press that promotes the process for the Commercial Entities (Substance Requirements) Act 2018 ("CESRA").
Prime Minister of Bahamas Hubert Minnis states information related to the COVID-19 vaccine and developing the strategy, policies, and activities related to the National COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.
Prime Minister of Bahamas, Minister of Finance Hon. Hubert Minnis ceremoniously inaugurated the brand-new Roderick Newton Higgs Bridge between Spanish Wells and Russell Island.
The Minister of Education the Hon. Jeffery Lloyd calls the exam success. The "success" of the examinations is attributed to the many hardships of the year 2020, such as schools' closure and the abrupt transfer to a virtual learning platform. 31,000+ students across the entire Bahamas were able to sit the exam and receive accurate and accredited results.
Coronavirus is a threat, and it continues to petrify several. Office of the Prime Minister of Bahamas reported new 16 cases of covid-19. It creates chaos among the population. The Official page also declares COVID-19 reports of the Bahamas which you need to check!
When a leader appreciates their several organisations, it boosts people to do more. Along with that, Prime Minister Minnis also extends his warm wishes of New Year to the citizens of Bahamas.
Education is the soul of development. There is pandemic, or no pandemic education is a must for every. Hon. Dr Hubert A. Minnis, Prime Minister of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, declares Reopening of School for 2020/2021 Easter Term.The Department of Education prefers to encourage the general public that all government schools will reopen for instruction on Monday, 4th January 2021.
Recent studies confirmed that Intruders closely vanished the foremost population of Caribbean community than Spanish. This study has the most substantial proof that is of DNA Analysis.