Trinidad and Tobago: Double murder in Moruga, Cascade shakes nation; cumulative count reaches 174

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: The nation has reported a total of 174 murders for this year so far. The police have probed the investigation into two murders that occurred in Moruga and Cascade, respectively.

Both murders occurred on Tuesday. The police department has revealed that the deceased, who were killed in Moruga, were identified as Oma Gill and Brandon Seenath, aged 33-year-old, respectively.

When the officers were informed about the terrifying murders of the duo, they arrived at St Mary’s Village. Upon arrival, they found one of the men bent over in a plastic chair, and the other man was lying on the ground.

The police officers discovered several 5.56 cartridge casings on the ground in the garage area. The investigation disclosed that Gill and Seenath were sitting in their garage area at Simon Trace St Mary’s Village.

Noting this, they were approached by two assailants, who were armed with firearms. The suspects opened fire on the victims and managed to escape the spot. Both Gill and Seenath received multiple gunshot wounds on their bodies and succumbed to those injuries at the place.

In a separate incident, a 46-year-old man was brutally killed at Hololo Mountain Road in Cascade on Tuesday. According to the information, the deceased was identified as Andre Alexander.

The reports stated that Alexander was ‘liming’ with several people outside his house. Suddenly, the two unidentified men ran out of their black X Trail vehicle towards him with guns and began shooting in his direction.

They fired multiple towards him, due to which the victim sustained several gunshot wounds around his body. As a consequence, he died on the scene.

Additionally, the law enforcement officers were investigating both cases and urged the people with any information to report the police division and assist them in their inquiries.

Violence has started in Trinidad and Tobago since the new year and the authorities are constantly struggling to control the situation. In 2023, the country was ranked 12th on the list of the most dangerous countries in the world, with 100,000 residents murdered.

According to the Crime Index reports, the nation has positioned at number 4th with the Highest Crime Rate.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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