Trinidad and Tobago: Tourist enthusiasts spend $48 Million during cruise season

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Port of Spain: The Ministry of Tourism revealed that a as the 2023/2024 cruise season will end on Wednesday, with total spending by travellers to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) exceeding $48 million.

In a recent statement, the ministry said that there has been an increase in revenue for tour operators, craft vendors, taxi drivers and local businesses at various ports.

The Tourism Trinidad’s visitors conducted a survey, along with local agency and collected the data of revenue spending on the tourists. The details are as follows,

  • The average visitor expenditure was estimated at USD$3,356.193 (TT $22,822,112).
  • The average expenditure on tourism per person was USD $25.
  • Approximately 21,049 individuals landing for organized tours, is equal to USD $526,225 (TT $3,578,330).

Moreover, the reports mentioned that the tourism agency spent USD $26 on per person, which is equivalent to USD $2,587,728 (TT $17,596,550) for the season. Furthermore, approximately 26890 passengers opted for organised tours, with average spending of US $25 per person.

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that the majority of tourists came from the United States, which is almost equal to seventy per cent of the total arrivals, while nine per cent passengers hailed from Canada and seven per cent from France.

Moreover, United Kingdom contributed with four per cent of passengers, three per cent from Uruguay and rest of the world counted for six per cent.

“The dominance of the United States in cruise passengers arrivals to T&T is mostly due to our islands offering unique attractions and experiences that appeal to American Tourists, such as our diverse cultural heritage, natural beauty and festivals”, quoted T&T tourism ministry.

Additionally, such astounding number of the passengers reflects on the deep commitment of the officials and stakeholders from the tourism industry to enhance the country’s position as a premier cruise destination.

The Ministry is excited to welcome more visitors and passengers on their island as it provides them an opportunity to showcase their culture, rich heritage and mouth-watering cuisines.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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