Saharan dust continues to affect Trinidad and Tobago

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Port of Spain: The dust haze continues to blanket the regions of Trinidad and Tobago due to moderate to high concentrations of Saharan dust. This has been caused due to strong winds carrying dust from the Sahara Desert.

Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services (TTMS) shares that the conditions will be improved from Thursday’s afternoon. The meteorologists have stated that they are continuously monitoring the situation as these winds carried from Sahara Desert in North Africa, over the Atlantic to the Caribbean region.

TTMS has advised the persons, suffering from any respiratory disease such as heart or lung disease, sinuses and asthma to remain vigilant as they are on high risk. They also encouraged the people to take necessary precautions to avoid illness.

As the conditions are not ideal, therefore it has been suggested by the authorities to minimize outdoor activities and remain their homes, especially when the air quality is ‘Unhealthy’ due to Saharan dust. The people are experiencing less visibility due to an increase in the dust.

The individuals are encouraged to practice the following measures during this time.

  1. Stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities
  2. One should wear a dust mask or face mask when venturing outside
  3. The air purifiers should be used at a high level
  4. Cover water sources like wells, and ponds to avoid contamination
  5. Person should take immediate medical assistance when experiencing the first sign of difficulty breathing
  6. More hands and eyes more often

Such conditions in the atmosphere can pose a great threat to health and it can also create potential health implications related with hailing airborne dust particles.

In addition, TTMS has shares the weather report, stated that the people of T&T and the Southern Windwards may experience partly cloudy weather with intermittent light to moderate showers. The conditions are expected to remain same during the evening and night.

The Remainder of the Lesser Antilles

The weather is forecasted to remain generally sunny and slight hazy despite of brief and isolated showers. The marines will be moderate with waves ranging between 1.5m to 2.0m in the open waters. In the sheltered areas, it may remain below 1.0m.

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