TTMS shares mild to moderate Saharan Dust in T&T

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Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services (TTMS) has reported a mild to moderate concentration of Saharan Dust in the atmosphere. The people those who are suffering from respiratory illness are asked to exercise caution. 

The air quality across the country is forecasted to range between good and moderate, while some specific areas experience less visibility due to the Dust in the air. 

Due to such situations, the air quality reached an ‘unhealthy’ level as per the Air Quality Index, which impacts people of sensitive groups such as elderly adults, children, pregnant women, and individuals suffering from Sinuses and Asthma. 

The authorities urged them to take the necessary precautions, particularly during high traffic and in the vicinity of fires. They are even advised to avoid prolonged or heavy exertion and to keep medication nearby. 

The individuals are asked to practice the following measures to avoid any illness due to Saharan Dust.

– One should turn on the air purifier, running at a high level

– Stay indoors and avoid outdoor exercise

– Wear a mask during outdoor activity

– The residents are strictly advised to wear dust masks or face masks when going outside their homes, especially in crowded places

– People are suggested to cover water sources like wells, water storage ponds and containers to avoid contamination

– A person should immediately take assistance from the medical practitioners when experiencing the first sign of difficulty breathing

Last month, the air level in T&T stood at 116 points, which was considered unhealthy for the people. TTMS advised the residents to keep antihistamines and steroid nasal sprays with themselves in case of standard allergy medication for less severe symptoms. 

The people around the country took to their social media handles (Facebook) to share their conditions due to an increase in the Saharan Dust. 

“The Dust affecting us nonstop. Is continuous Dust in we face and sinus cavity”, quoted one FB user. 

“I think about now the Sahara Dust is normalized. No more fresh Air…. Just fresh Dust in Plentiful”, commented another. 

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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