"Government of Dominica is to introduce transportation programme for every single child of Dominica to school and home at no expense to the parent,
The protests of these bus drivers are for raising fare rates. Minister of Public Works and the Digital Economy Cassini Laville has issued
The terror of policies' procedures in India made several millionaires leave the country and revive their dreams
Charles Savarin, President of Dominica, received his second Oxford Astra Zeneca dose on 9th April 2021.
Prime Minister of Dominica-Roosevelt Skerrit announced that the government of Dominica to accommodate 300 evacuees from St Vincent,
National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed, discussed the COVID-19 update in Dominica.
Human Rights Report 2020, not only included Antigua and Barbuda but also mentioned other Caribbean nations for their Citizenship
Dominica is just 4 cases away from the eradication of COVID-19 from the nation.
National Epidemiologist of Dominica, Dr Shalauddin Ahmed stated, there are six active cases in the Dominica and a total of 158 recoveries from exogenous coronavirus.
She declared, "Grand Fond Storm Drains project is completed nearly 87% and will enhance the drainage system of Dominica