Trinidad and Tobago: Police launch investigation into robberies in Maraval, St Ann

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Unknown assailants disguised as police raided the home of a 48-year-old businessman on Saddle Road in Marvel and looted jewellery and cash worth $60,000.

The police are probing investigations into the two robbery cases and theft in the districts of Maraval and St Ann. During the incidents, the quantities of cash, alcohol, firearms and other valuables items were stolen.

Details of the first incident, Maraval

The police reports stated that a 48-year-old businessman was about to leave for his work when he was approached by four men, who arrived in the dark-coloured SUV with blue flashing lights.

The assailants were disguised as police officers, along with complete bulletproof vests. They were armed with firearms and screamed “Police Police.” The accused asked the businessman to return to his house, where his 46-year-old wife and 6-year-old daughter were present.

The bandits pointed their shotguns at their location and robbed several items from their house, which included the following things,

  • $60,000 worth jewellery
  • A firearm
  • 20 rounds of silver hollow point 9mm ammunition
  • $15,000 cash from a closet
  • $1,000 cash hidden in the jacket’s pocket

Following the robbery, they hog-tied the couple and escaped the scene. The duo managed to untie themselves and reported the matter to the police.

In another incident, a 29-year-old was duck-taped by three assailants at Myrtsville. They robbed his house and stole US $8,000 cash from his bedroom drawer, along with a cell phone estimated to be valued at $3,000.

The robbers also took the keys to his white Nissan Tiida. A report was made against the culprits, and the officers launched an investigation, which resulted in the recovery of the car at a short distance with the keys in the ignition.

The second incident at St Ann

In St Ann, the elderly woman’s handbag was snatched by the robbers, which contained $3,400 in cash and other personal documents, a bottle of beer, and a bottle of wine.

She filed a case against the culprits and the police officers are currently investigating the matter. The public, with any information, is also urged to report the matter to the police division.

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