Wanted man shot dead in St Ann, causes havoc

Kingston, Jamaica: A suspect wanted in connection with the brutal murder of a policeman in St Ann on Monday night was shot dead during a shootout with police. The encounter incident took place in Steer Town on Tuesday.

According to the police reports, the accused was identified as Siraldo Butler, also known as alias ‘Siri.’ The officials said that following a death of a police officers, they launched an operation to find Butler.

As a consequence, they received an information about the suspect and arrived at the location. They executed a search exercise in Snake Lawn in the parish of Steer Town.

The investigating officers managed to locate Butler and during the process, he involved in a heated argument with the police. He confronted the ranks and opened fire at their direction. The officers responded with several shots, which claimed the life of the accused.

This incident followed by the murder of Constable Fairclough, who was killed in Bravo Street, St Ann‘s Bay. The deceased Butler fired a shot, causing the constable to hear the bullet. The bullet struck the woman and Fairclough went to her aid.

Fairclough was alerted by the gunfire and he tried to catch the accused but in a meanwhile, the gunman reportedly tuned his firearm towards the officers and shot him. The rank received injury about his upper body.

The police official and the injured woman were immediately taken to the hospital for medical aid, where constable succumbed to his injuries while undergoing the treatment.

The people across the nation lauded the untiring efforts of the police department for their immediate action. Some of the comments on Facebook read as,

“Best news from morning, excellent job officers”, quoted a user named Julien Martin.

While reacting to the news, another FB user by the name of Audley Philip commented, “The police are on the ball. Quick work indeed. Justice served.”

Additionally, such efforts of the investigating officers showcased their unwavering commitment and dedication to combat the problem of criminal activities in Jamaica.

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