St Ann accused of rape and kidnapping chopped to death

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Kingston, Jamaica: St Ann police discovered the body of a man who had been chopped to death. The deceased was allegedly accused of rape and kidnapping, and these incidents occurred over a span of three days in Moneague.

As per police reports, the suspect was identified as Orando’ Teo’ Coward aged 36-years-old. He was unemployed man and belong to Gray Wood District, where the crimes are said to took place. 

The police department has released its statement revealing that the parents of a 14-year-old teenager have filed a case against Teo for raping a girl between Wednesday and Friday. They also said that the accused had threatened her that he would cause them great harm if they reported the matter to the police. 

However, the report was made against the suspect and the officers responded to the matter immediately and went in search of him in St Ann.

In another case against him, it was reported that Coward allegedly went to the home of a resident by breaking the windows and managed to enter the dwelling on Friday. He was armed with a shotgun and a homemade weapon. 

He put his gun onto the child and asked for an adult woman. The daughter’s mother fought with the Teo and somehow managed to get her daughter back, but unfortunately, her two-year-old son was taken away by the accused, and he immediately left the house.

According to the police, the family members of the two-year-son began their search, and with the help of Coward’s girlfriend, they rescued the baby. 

Shockingly, he returned back to the same house at around 9:20 am and pointed his gun at the residents who were present at the scene. They collectively confronted him, and it was alleged that they had snatched the shotgun from his hand. 

If sources are to be believed, it has been said that some of the people ran from the scene, while some tried to apprehend him, and he was chopped during the process. The police were informed about the matter, and ranks responded. 

Upon arrival at the location, they found the accused lying motionless on the ground, and while examining the body, the officers recovered two guns from him. 

The Moneague police are continuing their Investigations. The authorities urged people with any information to come forward and assist them in their investigation. 

Additionally, people around the nation took to their Facebook handles to express their opinions regarding the case. 

“Is the children found safe? I love this good news well done I want to see more like this justice serve right away it was swift”, commented one. 

“As a parent, ohh well! I would do the same for mine”, quoted another.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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