Port of Spain officers seize firearm & ammunition, arrest St Ann’s resident

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Port of Spain Division Task Force arrested and charged a man with possession of a firearm and ammunition on Wednesday. He appeared virtually before a Magistrate of the High Court on Thursday, where the charges were read to him. 

As per reports, the accused was identified as Franklyn Etienne, 40 years old. He resided at St Ann’s Road. The investigating officers revealed that they were informed about a group of men who attained illegal firearms. 

They responded to the matter and arrived in the vicinity of a var along the mentioned roadway. The team of officers were spearheaded by PC Blades. They initiated their search on three suspects, and in due course of time, they allegedly arrested Etienne as the officer recovered a firearm and ammunition from him. 

The illegal weapon included a Luger Pistol with 17 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. He was taken to the Besson Street Police Station for further enquiries. 

In another incident, the officials of the Northern Division arrested two persons and recovered a quantity of marijuana during the anti-crime exercise. As instructed by the intelligence department, the ranks went to Samaroo Village. 

They conducted a search in the area and discovered five transparent plastic packets. They checked the packages and found marijuana in a red drawstring bag with markings ‘STATE FARM.’

They collected the items and took them to the police division, where the marijuana was weighed and noted to be equal to 565 grams. The authorities urged the general public to come forward with any information and assist them with their investigation.

However, such a trend of crimes is not new in the country. Instead of anti-crime exercises carried out by the police, people somehow managed to promote such crimes. Citizens are certainly living in a state of fear due to the increasing criminal activities in the country.

The government is advised to take serious action and enforce strict laws to deal with the problem of crimes. People are also advised to remain alert and immediately inform the nearest police department if they find anything unnatural around them.

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