Jamaica: Two held for possessing firearm, netizens react

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St James, Jamaica: The authorities of Jamaica arrested two men for the offence of possessing a firearm. The apprehension of both suspects is being conducted under the operation held by the officers of the island nation. 

As per the reports from the Granville Police, the officers of Jamaica were conducting an exercise in Bogue in the parish on Tuesday. During the ongoing operation, they held a search at the house of two suspects charged by them. 

While conducting the search of the house, they found a Glock 45 pistol. The firearm found from the suspect was seized by the authorities assigned to the St James Police Division. Subsequently, the authorities arrested the two men and took both of them into custody. 

The identities of both suspects have not been disclosed yet by the authorities. However, the police officials have promised to conduct a thorough investigation of the matter in order to get the culprits behind bars or punished for their offences. 

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their views and opinions on the news. They also appreciated the officers for performing their duties diligently. They have also requested the administration of the country to implement serious measures, to ensure the safety and security of the nation. 

One person commented, “Well done Jamaica police getting the illegal guns off, Jamaica needs a major sweep, the entire country drives the criminals, so there is a need to curb the increasing criminal activity.”

Another person commented the following “Great job officer keep it up we the people need to help to get a safer JAMAICA so our elderly and children can play outside and feel safe especially.”

“God is working through these officers. They are really working relentlessly these days. We will keep praying for you officers. Keep up the good work,” wrote another person. 

The authorities of Jamaica have promised to keep continuing such exercises with a motive to curb the increasing rate of gun smuggling and make Jamaica, a safe destination for all travellers and local citizens

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