Antigua’s Ischikelle Corbin crowned St Maarten Caribbean Carnival Queen

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Antigua and Barbuda’s Ischikelle Corbin was crowned the St. Maarten Carnival Caribbean Queen. As per reports, her presence and charming persona set the stage on fire which won the hearts of all the judges and attendees of the event.

Ischikelle Corbin defeated 7 other contestants to claim the title of St. Maarten Carnival Caribbean Queen. St. Lucia was announced the first runner with 1572 points and the third position was secured by St. Maarten with 1424 points.

Her entire performance in the pageant reflected her as a perfect blend of beauty with brains who answered all her questions with intelligence, utmost grace and dignity. Along with the crown, she was also honoured with four different tags which highlights that her grace and talent have no bounds.

The titles which were won by her includes, Best Interview, Best Swimwear, Best Eveningwear and Best Identical Question. Moreover, the tags of Best Talent and Miss Popularity were given to Miss. St. Maarten, Miss Amity was claimed by Miss. Haiti and Miss St. Lucia won the tag of Miss Photogenic.

Ischikelle Corbin also beautifully showcased the vibrant culture and traditions of the Caribbean through her performance which emphasises her love towards cultural heritage and her nation.

Her journey to St. Maarten was not just about glitz and glamour, but about diving deep into a journey of self-exploration and growth. She represented her country with complete honour and integrity and put her best foot forward, to embrace all the challenges. Following that, she also seized several opportunities and uncovered her true zeal and potential.

It was her unwavering commitment and dedication that her elegance light up the stage and she won the St. Maarten Carnival Caribbean Queen Pageant. The overall evening was filled with glamour and talent which offered an unforgettable experience to all the attendees. Her continued success is an inspiration to all those women who wants to participate in such prestigious pageants and represent their nation on an international platform.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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