Trinidad and Tobago: Headless body recovered in San Juan

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A headless body of a male was recovered by a gardener in San Juan when he went to the tent of the small produce garden on Tuesday. His charred remains were found at Ferrari and Vita Streets.

As per reports, the deceased was identified as a 40-year-old missing Venezuelan businessman Jose Gregorio Maldonado Carrillo. A 63-year-old gardener informed the police regarding the incident.

The investigating officers went to the location, off Sunshine Avenue in San Juan and upon arrival they observed a burnt body of a Venezuelan businessman in the parish of garden. They recovered the remains of Carrillo and took them for forensic reports.

His body was found dressed in a jersey and boxer shorts and his pants were pulled down around his ankles. The police initiated the further investigation where they found that a 40-years-old businessman was reported missing on April 13 by his family members.

The reports revealed that Carrillo allegedly went to drop the workers in Curepe before proceeding to Port of Spain. His family raised an alarm as he failed to return to his home.

The law enforcement officers executed inquiries of the matter and urged the general public with any information to come forward and assist them in their investigation. However, people across the nation raised questions about the authenticity of the statements revealed by the sources.

One of such comments of the person named Anthony Timothy wrote on Facebook, “How can he be clothed and the body was charred.”

While another FB user, by the name of Yvette Barrow commented, “Horrific hope they find the monsters.”

Additionally, such shocking stances of crimes have shaken the hearts and minds of the people of the country. With the rise in crimes, the citizens urged the authorities to implement measures to combat the problem of criminal activities in Trinidad and Tobago.

The nationals are also asked to be aware and immediately report anything unusual or strange that happens around them to the police.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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