Penal man rapes his common-law wife, court declares him guilty

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: A man from Penal is expected to be sentenced next week for raping his common-law wife in 2018. He was declared guilty during a virtual hearing on Monday.

According to the information, the identity of the accused was withheld to protect the victim. He appeared before Justice Lisa Ramsumair- Hinds on Monday, where the charges were read to him and he was pleaded guilty to the offense as he admitted to the charges of raping his common-law wife, with whom he has two children.

Through the evidence presented by the prosecutor Charmaine Samuel, it was reported that the accused came home drunk and he had an argument with his landlord over the rental debts in 2018.

He even argued with his common-law wife when she tried to stop him. The suspect threatened to kill her after she refused to have sex with him, due to which she contacted the police in a fear. Upon receiving a report, the investigating officers arrived at their apartment and warned the accused.

As per sources, it has been said that when the officers left their Penal home, the man again demanded the woman to get intimate with him. The woman refused to do so as she was still recovering from her abdomen surgery.

Noting this, the man pushed the mother of his two children on the mattress and raped her. A case was filed against him, and the law enforcement officers returned to the location and arrested the accused. He was taken to the police division and remained in the police custody till his hearing in the court.

Such stances of terrifying crimes shake the country. With the rise in criminal activities, the people are now demanding the authorities to take stringent actions against the criminals. Crimes like rape can affect and traumatise a victim mentally, physically and emotionally.

The people across the nation expressed their opinions regarding the matter through their comments on social media (Facebook). One of such comments read as,

“Woman u crazy. I would have left the house the first time the police came”, quoted one.

“He should get life in prison, should never walk the streets again he will do it again”, commented another FB user.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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