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Welcome to Writeups 24, your premier source for all news Caribbean!

Founded on the sun-soaked day of July 18, 2019, by George Henry, a son of the vibrant soil of Trinidad and Tobago, Writeups 24 began as a spark of thought under the shade of a coconut tree. It has since grown into the flourishing go-to hub for Caribbean news that our readers know and love.

Our journey started with a simple mission: to bring the pulse of the Caribbean islands to the world. We wanted to create a space where the stories of our islands’ people, the commentary on our politics, the celebration of our unique cultures, and the updates on local and regional happenings could be shared with the same warmth and spirit found in our local communities.

George, our founder, grew up with the Caribbean Sea’s breeze telling stories through the rustling leaves. It was this passion for storytelling that drove him to build Writeups 24 from the ground up. With a dedicated team that represents the diversity and vibrancy of the Caribbean, we ensure that the tales we tell are as rich and varied as the islands themselves.

At Writeups 24, we’re more than just a news outlet. We’re a community of writers, journalists, and readers united by our love for the Caribbean. Our commitment to providing timely and accurate news has garnered us a loyal readership who look to us for their daily dose of all things Caribbean.

Whether you’re looking for the latest in Caribbean politics, updates on the economy, features on cultural festivities, or insights into the environmental issues facing our beautiful islands, Writeups 24 is here for you. We’re dedicated to delivering the essence of the Caribbean through our storytelling, keeping you informed and connected to this wonderful region we call home.

Join us as we continue to share the stories of the Caribbean with the world. With every article, feature, and news report, we’re keeping the Caribbean’s heartbeat strong and its voice loud for all to hear.

Welcome to our community, welcome to Writeups 24.

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