A man identified as - Delon Jonathan Charlery from St Lucia has been charged for killing his girlfriend, who hales from Antigua and Barbuda. 
A woman from Antigua is set to become the first astronaut from the Caribbean. She won 2 exclusive tickets to the first space commercial travel of Virgin Galactic. These tickets are worth around $1 million. 
State of Emergency would end in Antigua and Barbuda before December 27, 2021, while the COVID travel restrictions imposed by the island on the other countries with high rates of COVID-19 infections such as - Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and South Africa would also be lifted in the month of January 2022.
In Antigua and Barbuda, 80 percent of the eligible student population is now fully vaccinated against the deadly COVID virus. This milestone has been achieved by the island after the government made it mandate for the secondary school students, teachers, and other staff members to get vaccinated or they would not be permitted to enter school premises. 
Parents and Children were seen protesting outside the office of the Education Ministry, on Tuesday, expressing their rage against the government's decision of mandate inoculation for children in the schools.
The Government of Antigua and Barbuda is examining stem cell therapy to use it as a mechanism for treating COVID-19 patients. 
Antigua and Barbuda will be receiving Moderna COVID-19 vaccine under the COVAX facility soon, giving opprtunity to its citizens of choice of another vaccine to get immunized against the deadliest mutant.
The government of Antigua & Barbuda, in its media release, informed that unvaccinated secondary students, teachers and the other staff members would not be permitted to enter the premises of the school from today onwards.
Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has appreciated the efforts of the Indian government in COVID-19 vaccination and reaching the 100 billion doses milestone.
Antigua and Barbuda: The twin-island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda is on display at the world expo ‘Expo Dubai 2020’ being held in Dubai following the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. Antigua and Barbuda’s pavilion placed in the ‘Mobility...