Installation of 181 cameras in Tobago, ACP Collis Hazel vows to maintain citizen’s security

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The Ministry of National Security in Tobago installed 181 cameras in order to reduce crimes and serious offences. ACP Collis Hazel, serving as the Head of the Tobago Police Division, expressed his hope to tackle the problem of increasing crimes with this initiative.

According to information, the county’s crime detention rate is currently 34 percent. ACP Hazel added that the ministry recently installed the first batch of surveillance cameras to improve the detention rate.

“We embrace all the technology that can be provided to improve our detention rate. ITC is a part of the strategy, which is utilised with intelligence-led policing as a means of working with hum resources to deter and detect crime,” Tobago Police Division head said.

He further shared his plans that the department is seeking more collaboration, where the citizens and business community will get an opportunity to install cameras at their homes and business places to tackle the problem of crimes.

Hazel noted that, “We continue to ask people, despite this initiative, if you see something, say something. Use the people as your friend and not your enemy so we can achieve more.”

According to the information, the second batch of the surveillance cameras will begin in the forthcoming months. The measure was undertaken following a six-hours of emergency crime meeting between the Commission of Police Erla Harewood- Christopher, Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s (TTCIC) Tobago Division and other stakeholders.

Noting this, the meeting featured several topics of concern regarding the citizen’s security, with the primary focus to introduce some measures to deal with the crimes in Tobago.

Additionally, the installation of the cameras will significantly contribute to reduce the crimes on the island, especially in the business community. The reports further mentioned that Tobago has reported a total of six murder, out of which, one was solved in March.

Such initiatives reflect upon the unwavering dedication and commitment of the Tobago police force against the criminal activities in the country. The department is currently focusing to improve citizen’s security and assured the nationals that they will implement every possible measures to reduce the flow of crimes.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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