Philip J Pierre delivers speech at COP28 in Dubai

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Prime Minister Philip J Pierre of the Caribbean nation of Saint Lucia addressed the gathering at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 in Dubai. During the speech, PM Pierre spoke on many issues that CARICOM states face, both from a climate change stand point, as well as from an economic perspective.

He pointed out that the world is now entering uncharted territory with regards to the ramifications of climate change and that humanity is left with a very small window with in which the ill effects of climate change can be managed and hopefully reversed.

According to PM Pierre, the issue needs collective action that is aimed towards achieving shared goals and this does not just apply to CARICOM states or specific regions but the entire world. Without a concerted and coordinated effort by the international community as a collective, it would be hard to counter climate change.

In his mind, PM Pierre believes that these are essential changes that have to be made so as to leave behind a world that future generations can thrive in.

The PM of Saint Lucia also called for collective action that does not compromise when it comes to taking on the issue of climate change.

Since the environment is virtually under siege, it is important to initiate processes which bring in new laws that tackle the problem in an efficient and decisive manner, for this is indeed the need of the hour.

Prime Minister Pierre was also quite appreciative of the United Arab Emirates and Germany, for their contributions in this regard, as flag bearers that are initiating the needed change, much like the rest of the world needs to.

He also made it a point to say that the financial situation for CARICOM states is not great when it comes to the international market and its contribution to the region. Thus, it is necessary to establish better approaches and focus on the innovations necessary to revamp the financial market to make it better suited for sustainable practices.

He also stated that new and improved economic measures need to be introduced and cemented as common practice, for the sake of vulnerable nations.

Thus, PM Pierre requested the community at COP28 to focus on putting people first, before economics or regional biases and this transition must be accelerated to catch up with the effects of the ever-escalating climate crisis.

By bringing in transformative finance and focusing on climate resilient initiatives, PM Pierre believes that these goals can be achieved.

The last thing that the Prime Minister mentioned was the fact that Taiwan must also be carried forward in this new wave and not be marginalized in any way, shape or form as it is an important part of the international fraternity.

George Henry
George Henry
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