Mehul Choksi wants bail for neurological treatment

Mehul Choksi wants bail for neurological treatment

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The hearing of the fugitive Mehul Choksi has been preponed by the court in Dominica from July 23 to the date of July 12. This decision has been taken after the lawyers of the fugitive said that the Choksi want to have urgent neurological treatment. Dominica would not be giving that medical care and treatment to Mehul.

Before the Dominica High Court denied the bail of Mehul Choksi, He went to the high court in Dominica to ask the judicial review.

According to the Dominica High Court’s statement, they stated that they could not force any type of condition that would be showing that fugitive would not escape.

A local news outlet carried out an interview with locals, the team asked them about their views on fugitive Mehul Choksi. Like their PM, Gaston Browne public also wanted the extradition of Fugitive Mehul Choksi to his country India where he is wanted for the fraud with Punjab National Bank. Most of the people gave their views that if Mehul could do fraud with his own country, then he could betray their country too. Mehul doesn’t look like a loyal person.

According to the ground report, the majority of the locals wanted fugitive back to India. A local said, they believe that Dominica Court would deliver justice in this case and would be sending fugitive back to his country back. As he would be given better treatment there. India would also get back its wanted criminal back.

Additionally, another news organisation also engaged with some Antiguan citizens who had their roots in Gujrat. They have been 2nd generation in Antigua. They said that Mehul should send back to India so that he could get better treatment there in world-famous hospitals that are better known for neurological diseases treatment like AIIMS in Delhi, the Christian Medical College Vellore. They said that Antigua and Barbuda do not have any better infrastructure in which they could cure diseases related to the brain.

When the locals were asked to give their opinion on the viral footage in which Choksi is walking freely in Dominica while holding a cell phone. A local said that it was disappointing for all of them as an outsider has been breaching the laws of the Caribbean. The Dominica High Court should give its judgment carefully as the fugitive is the person who can’t be relied upon. So instead of giving him bail. He should send back to India, and their he can also seek better medical care than Antigua and Barbuda.

One of the police officials who were present at the court while the hearing of the Mehul’s case was going, the police official said, “He can get his neuro treatment from India while facing justice. We must do our part to bring a man to a fair trial; after all, he is the one who looted the people of India, and he must answer to them.”

The police official also highlighted the fact that India is also the world’s fifth-largest economy, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it produced its own vaccines using the best of medical facilities. India has been donating vaccine doses to many Caribbean Nations in the harsh period of COVID-19. Antigua and Barbuda also received a generous share of vaccines donation from the country.

Richard Hesting (veteran doctor) said that in his medical career, he had noticed many achievements by the India in its medical sector. India has also been mentioned as the “Medical Tourism Hub”. He gave the reason that the cost of surgeries in India is at a low price. So if the patients from different countries travel to India for treatment so Mehul should also be sent to India as it’s his country and also he has been wanted there.

The public healthcare structure had enhanced in Inia from last 60 years, including the British era that influenced the medical development in India. The Indian medical sector had flourished itself on a high pace that now being a Medical Tourist Hub, many patients for different surgeries travel to India instead of US, UK and several more countries just because in India the surgeries and treatments of many diseases are at a low price than any other countries.

Fraudster Mehul Choksi committed fraud with the second-largest public lender Punjab National Bank of the amount of US$2 billion. “Red Corner” notice has been issued with his name by the International Police, and Mehul has been wanted in India by renowned Indian investigative agencies like CBI and many more.
The Criminal Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had also declared that Mehul Choksi is a clever mind as he left the country to escape from the enquiries and other legal punishments for doing fraud.

The majority of investigative reports have been pointing to the point that the fugitive was trying to escape from the Antigua and Barbuda as Mehul Choksi was fighting two cases in Antigua and Barbuda court, one concerning his citizenship and the second about his extradition to India. The hearing of his extradition case was expected to be in November 2021, but before that, he tried to escape from Antigua and Barbuda on May 23 2021. His lawyers have been saying that Mehul was abducted from the Jolly Harbour (Antigua and Barbuda) on May 23 2021. These statements came after the fraudster was caught by Dominica’s Police. He was taken under remand by the CID of Dominica, where his lawyers thoroughly tried to get bail and take him out so that he could run from there also to another island. The court has referred to him as “flight danger”, as he might leave the country after getting bail.

The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, also declared that he wants Choksi to be repatriated back to India. He also called him a “liability” after he was caught in Dominica.

During the session of the house of representatives of Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne stated that no conclusive evidence had been found regarding the Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi’s alleged abduction from Jolly Harbour on May 23, 2021.

Renting the new house by his brother Chetan Choksi in Dominica to show that after bail, he would be living there and would not leave the island. This house renting might be the next step for his next escape plan. According to some recent investigative reports, it has bee also revealed that a luxury boat with a Syrian born Antigua and Barbuda citizen on board was all set to take Mehul Choksi to an unidentified place so that he could again escape from extradition to India.