Lennox Linton attends court hearing of Mehul Choksi, seen in close proximity to Chetan Choksi

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Roseau, Dominica: In a shocking turn of events, Lennox Linton- leader of opposition Dominica, accompanied Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi‘s cousin Chetan Choksi in court on June 2. Indian media, including Republic and Associates Times, reported on Wednesday.

India-based Republic media and Associates Times unveiled that opposition leader Lennox Linton was ins seen in close vicinity to Choksi. Both allegedly were in discussions during the hearing inside the courtroom.

Earlier, Lennox Linton had denied all the allegations of meeting or accepting a bribe from Chetan Choksi for pushing the matter; however, his recent close encounter has given a conflicting opinion.

Mehul Choksi, who is declared a fugitive by the government, neither is a citizen or a resident of Dominica, is currently given treatment for illegal entry into the country. The opposition leader attending the court hearing of a criminal has raised several questions on their association.

Choksi, who is a fugitive in defrauding Indian Panjab National Bank (PNB) with over US $2 billion, is also reported to be in an arrangement with opposition leaders in Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda for supporting him until he reaches his safe house. Mehul Choksi’s brother and other family members are reported to have paid these LOP’s for pushing the theory of abduction in parliament and media.

Chetan Choksi is also a bank defaulter and, currently facing trial in a US $25 million fraud case, allegedly gave $300,000 token money to Lennox Linton for his assistance in the parliament and in media handling. Lennox Linton, who has a long history in money laundering, is now openly supporting an international criminal and fugitive.

On June 2, the Dominica court dismissed the Habeas Corpus plea till Thursday, and the government of Dominica has declared that they do not have any concerns if Mehul Choksi is extradited to India rather than Antigua and Barbuda.


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