Barrister, Michael Polak

SRA registers complaint against Mehul Choksi’s lawyer Michael Polak

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London, UK: Mehul Choksi’s London Based lawyer, Michael Polak is now under questions as a complaint has been registered against him to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) in England and Wales.

The complaint asserted that Polak had no evidence on what he told to the media or registered a complaint to the Scotland Yard and War Crimes Unit regarding the suspected abduction of Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi.

The complainant suggested that doing a KYC (know your customer) on a client is extremely important in the United Kingdom. At the same time, it appears that Mr Polak failed at conducting KYC and AML (anti-money laundering) checks on his client Mehul Choki, who is a wanted fraudster by the Government of India.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority might initiate an inquiry against Michael Polak and his company seeking KYC, AML, Source of funds and payment gateway in which he has been paid by billion-dollar fraudster Mehul Choksi currently arrested in Dominica.

Along with that an inquiry can also take strict actions against his statements and publications by Justice Abroad Limited defaming several people without furnishing appropriate proof fabricating the evidence.

Despite repeated attempts, Michael Polak did not respond to the emails and messages sent by Writeups 24 till the article was published.

In a triangular scenario between India, the Caribbean and UK, the London Barrister seems caught himself sitting on a very thin line of the law.

The Indian judiciary wants Mehul Choksi for fraud, money laundering and corruption. He is also suspected of having delayed his extradition to India from Antigua via what some believe to be a staged kidnapping. After the recent complaint registered against London based Barrister Michael Polak, his legal position and corporate responsibility appear to be in question.

Investigations at the UK at Companies House revealed that Michael Polak had been suspiciously posing as a Consular/Diplomatic figure as his private limited company Justice Abroad Limited has been named such to sound as if it is an official governmental body claiming to have the business activity of “foreign Affairs”. The activity was later changed to business support, investigation services and solicitors. The company uses SIC 84210 – Foreign Affairs, which is clearly a piece of false information as it could be only used by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diplomatic and Consular Missions stationed abroad.

The inquiries discovered that the Justice Abroad is in the process of being struck off the Company Register in the UK.

Our investigative unit’s more extensive enquiries have led us to Polak’s previous company, Independent Inquiries, which is now dissolved. However, after receiving an questionnaire from Writeups 24, Mr Polak changed the address of the company and submitted a confirmation letter to halt the strike-off notice, but did not revert back to the questions.

Mehul Choksi is an Indian fugitive who holds the citizenship of the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. On May 23, 2021, he mysteriously went missing from Jolly Harbour, Antigua. After two days of being reported missing, he was discovered on a beach in the neighbouring island of Dominica, from where special forces of the Dominica police captured him. He had been admitted at the Dominica-China hospital in Roseau since then, and while the court delayed his bail by stating he is a “flight fear”.

A red corner notice is also issued on Mehul Choksi’s name by Interpol as he is wanted in a $2 billion fraud committed against India’s second-biggest public lender, Punjab National Bank (PNB).

Apart from London, Choksi also has hired a prominent lawyer in India to cease his extradition. Well-established lawyers in India charges about the US $1000 to $2000 per hour, and in India, his case has been in the hands of lawyers for the past two years, which too might have costed him millions of dollars. And the source of funds, AML, KYC still remains uncertain.