How Mehul Choksi was arrested in Dominica? Eyewitness clears the air

Dominica: Following the arrest of Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi in Dominica, several theories were outlined, some by the family, lawyers and some by the media itself. But how actually Choksi was arrested? eyewitness clears the air on the matter.

Mehul Choksi – an Indian fugitive, was discovered in mysterious circumstances in the vicinity of Dominica’s capital city Roseau, he was captured by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The officials told sources that Choksi was disposing of some documents into the Caribbean sea. Due to the tidal surge, the papers could not be recovered.

A resident of Dominica, Harry Baron – An eyewitness described the arrest timeline of the incident and told a local newspaper that Mehul Choksi started to run when the police approached him. He said police got suspicious and ran after him, but due to his age and heavyweight, he could not run far and fell twice while escaping from the police. The officials nabbed him from the ground and searched his pockets, and he did not possess anything.

Baron, while replying to the questions of local media, said that it was a rocky beach from where Choksi was captured while running away from the police, and he might have sustained injuries after falling on the ground twice amid chase. According to the eyewitness, Choksi was questioned by police after arrest at the beach; later, he was taken into custody.

As his arrest sounds dramatic, the story of going missing was not less than some Hollywood drama feature. On 23 May 2021, Mehul Choksi was seen outside his home; he had dinner plans at a local restaurant in Jolly Harbour, Antigua and Barbuda. But, Choksi never went to the dinner and left his car abandoned with all doors open to make it look like an unravelling mystery.

In recent pictures, a new man could be seen walking around with Mehul Choksi. The suspected individual is alleged to be the one who created the entire blueprint of Mehul Choksi’s escape from Antigua and Barbuda to Cuba. The intentions were to make the incident look like a kidnapping, so the police never search for the real reasons, while Choksi enjoys leisure with a cigar in someplace in Cuba.

But, the climax of the story took a new turn when Mehul Choksi’s stay in Dominica resulted in him being in the custody of the police. Apparently, the police asked him about his reason of visit Dominica and his passport, and he failed at answering the questions. After police took him to the Roseau police headquarters, it was discovered that they had captured an international fugitive, who had a red-corner issued by Interpol on his name. The Dominican officials informed the authorities in Antigua and Barbuda, and also in India, where he is wanted in a $2billion.

Owning a hefty amount of money gives Choksi and his family the ability to manipulate things in their favour. The same happened in Dominica, where Chetan Chinubhai Choksi reached out to Leader of Opposition Lennox Linton and made an agreement of $200,000 to favour Choksi in the parliament as well as represent him in front of Indian media.

The whole planning was to manipulate the entire scenario into an abduction story, and the media was trapped in a hoax created by the family of Mehul Choksi on the advice of his lawyers.