HelpAWS says hello to Eric, appeals public to adopt and cherish dog

HelpAWS says hello to Eric, appeals public to adopt and cherish dog

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The dog shelter organisation, HelpAWS, has introduced Eric – an adorable little babe who entered the organisation with his two sisters.

The dog shelter noted, “Say hello to Eric, aka the napping king! Unfortunately, the cost of caring for the pups was too much for their owner, so she reached out to us to take them in.”

It added that, at first, he was quite shy, but once this guy got comfortable, his personality began to come through. Eric has been a very sweet boy with a calm disposition. This little guy may be the most chill pup that has ever come through our shelter. Eric may be a puppy, but his number one talent is being a professional napper; he’s so good at it that he can fall asleep anywhere in the blink of an eye. However, snuggling with his favourite person by his side makes his naps extra special. Aside from napping being his favourite hobby, Eric also enjoys rolling over and receiving belly rubs.

The dog shelter has also mentioned that Eric is an extremely laidback pup who is a cuddle king, almost fully potty trained and is amazing with cats and other pups and kids as well. Could there be a perfect pup?

According to his foster, “He is quiet, gentle and honestly the perfect little gentleman. He is very special and will be a great addition to any family but don’t expect him to be the best running partner. I think he’d prefer to stop and smell the roses. He’s just the best!!!”

In conclusion, it asked the public across the world to come forward and adopt the little pup to provide her forever home and a safe environment to live in.

“One looks into his beautiful eyes, and you will surely fall in love with this sweet boy. If Eric sounds like the perfect little furry best friend that you would like to add to your home and heart, then please visit our website,, to fill out an application,” it concluded.