Read Here: Heart-breaking story of Kingsley, new pup welcomed by HelpAWS
Read Here: Heart-breaking story of Kingsley, new pup welcomed by HelpAWS|| Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS (Facebook)

Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the Saint Lucia-based animal welfare organisation, has recently shared the heartbreaking story of little pup Kingsley, who was not having anyone to take care of. The dog shelter introduced the dog to the world and also shared his experiences with HelpAWS.

The organisation, while introducing the pup, stated, “Imagine coming into this world all alone, having no one to care for you, not even the person who you belong to. All you know is neglect and having to fend for yourself. This was the case with our handsome boy Kingsley.”

Further, it mentioned that, thankfully, Kingsley was brought to the organisation by a kind person who knew he couldn’t continue to live like this. At first, Kingsley was quite timid and shy, which was understandable given his previous conditions. But as time has gone on, he has gradually come out of his shell and come into his own wonder and loving pup.

Moreover, HelpAWS continued that he has been able to socialise with both furry and non-furry pals and gets along with both quite well. He has a sweet temperament and a loving soul, which will bring great comfort to any family lucky enough to have this sweet boy as part of their family.

It expressed that, sadly, Kingsley is still looking for his forever home, and the shelter is unsure why! He is adorable, extremely loving and has the most wonderful personality. Kingsley is also quite the cuddle bug, which means you will never be alone and without a furry best friend by your side.

In conclusion, the organisation appealed to the general public for continuous support and donations. It stated, “If Kingsley sounds like the perfect pup for you (which we know he will be!), then please visit our website,, to fill out an application for this adorable pup so that we can finally send him home to his much-deserved family forever.”