Saint Lucia: HelpAWS appeals to people to become flight parents

Saint Lucia: HelpAWS appeals to people to become flight parents

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the Saint Lucia-based animal welfare organisation, has recently appealed to the public to become flight parents and take the pups to their forever homes. The organisation has taken social media to invite people.

It noted, “Are you looking for a perfect way to end your vacation in St Lucia? Being a Flight Parent is the best way possible.”

Furthermore, the animal welfare organisation HelpAWS also mentioned, “Flight parents are just one of two ways we help get our babies off to their forever homes. They are literally helping us save so many lives when they agree to get these babies out and onto their new homes.”

If an individual is a nervous flier or just wants some snuggles to end their wonderful trip visiting this beautiful island, saving a life is one very unique souvenir one can bring back, as per the update.

In addition to this, the organisation shared reviews from some of the flight parents. It mentioned that “We’ve had rave reviews from so many of our wonderful flight parents- “We would definitely do it again”, “Wish we could’ve saved so many more”, “they were so quiet on the plane people barely knew they were there”.”

“When you agree to be a flight parent, you aren’t just helping us save one life, but you’re also helping us make space for the next little soul that needs our care. Two lives in total. We guarantee you will feel immense satisfaction at the end of the day,” it added.

HelpAWS also mentioned that the process is a simple one. We will provide all of the necessary paperwork needed for an individual’s flight buddy as well as add them to the reservation. All you have to do is provide this little snug bug with lots of love and cuddles, and in return, they will be showered with thank-you kisses.

“If you or anyone you know is in or travelling to Saint Lucia and is interested in being a flight parent, please send us a DM or an email to Help the organisation to continue to save the lives of these precious babies,” HelpAWS noted in conclusion.