HelpAWS asks for support to export little pups

HelpAWS asks for support to export little pups

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, the animal welfare organisation, expressed its concern over the difficulty they are facing while exporting the little pups to their forever or foster homes.

The dog shelter took its social media channels and mentioned, “We’d be lying if we said the last couple of weeks have been easy. We have been facing so many obstacles lately in getting our pups off the island, which have left us feeling defeated.”

It furthermore noted that aside from the struggle it’s been to get these babies to the next step of their journey, the organisation has been facing a great decline in adoption applications, which means some of the babies have nowhere they can call home and no family waiting to welcome them with open arms after they leave our care. All of these babies have come from circumstances which could have broken them, but they all persevered and thrived and are now searching for someone to call theirs.

It further said that whether an individual wants a silly pup, a snuggly pup, one who will look into their heart and soul and let one know that he/she is their person.

“Aside from trying our best to find homes for our babies, we have been taking in numerous other little ones who are in need of care and have an even longer waitlist,” it added.

HelpAWS continued, “Adopting one of our babies is saving two lives, the one you’re bringing home and the one that will come after, as that furry baby you bring home has just left and made space for a new one.”

It furthermore appealed to the general public to come forward and support the organisation in providing shelter to the little puppies. “So, please! If you’re considering adopting a pawfect little pup, then visit our website at www.Helpaws/adopt, where you can view all our babies that are ready to be brought home and fill out an application,” it said.