Know how HelpAWS’ volunteers spend the day in a dog welfare organisation

Know how HelpAWS’ volunteers spend the day in a dog welfare organisation

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS volunteer shared an update regarding the day they spent in a dog welfare organisation.

“You get off work; you’re exhausted. All you want to do is collapse on the couch and watch the latest trash on Vanderpump Rules. But thankfully, you arrive home to a happy face with a furry wagging tail. It’s your new Helpaws pup, eagerly awaiting your return,” it noted while sharing the experience.

It added that all the stress and exhaustion disappear as one gets greeted with sloppy kisses and wiggly butts.

Dogs can immediately change their mood, improve the day and help relieve stress after a long day.

“Who doesn’t love being greeted by someone who is always thrilled to see them in whatever mood you’re in? They don’t judge or ridicule you for any shortcomings or minor missteps; they simply want nothing more than your company,” it added.

It furthermore outlined that they truly love unconditionally and need nothing more than love, yummy food and exercise. The organisation cannot imagine the sweet pets not being there to greet them at the door, and they are often a lifeline for when things get tough. Something as simple as a hug or kiss is enough to make anything and everything better. “They make sure we get up and get outside when we don’t feel like it, even on the days when you simply think you can’t,” it added.

Furthermore, it stated, “At Helpaws, we love all the babies that come through our doors, but we love nothing more than when we send them off to their forever homes. The joy we get in seeing all the pictures and hearing the updates from their new families about how much they are loved brings us so much happiness.”

In conclusion, the animal welfare organisation said, “We know we ask this often, but we want all our babies that walk through our doors to feel this joy with their own family. If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting, please consider a sweetie from Helpaws. We have 18 pups leaving us at the end of this month that need homes, and we would love it if we could have them find their forever homes by July 1st! So help us by sharing this post; even better, if you or someone is interested in adopting, please consider filling out an application for any of our available dogs at”