HelpAWS to send 3 pups to New York

HelpAWS to send 3 pups to New York

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The animal welfare organisation of Saint Lucia, HelpAWS, has recently felt delighted to share that they are sending three (3) cute pups to New York on June 17, 2023. The little doggies will be sent to New York with flight parents.

The organisation also asked the general public travelling from New York to Toronto to act like flight parents and take fur friends to their forever homes.

“Are you or someone you know is travelling from New York to Toronto and looking to bring a furry friend to find their forever family? Well then, we have a perfect opportunity for you!” it mentioned through its latest social media update.

Additionally, it shared that right now, HelpAWS is sending three pups to New York on June 17, but unfortunately, since they are not headed to their forever homes, the organisation needs to ensure they cross the border to Canada, where there are many eager adopters awaiting them.

Furthermore, it outlined that anyone who is travelling from NY to Toronto between June 18 and 23 and is willing to accompany a baby to their forever family, please reach out!

“Not only is this an opportunity to bring a baby to their new family, but it is also a way to bond with a four-legged friend on your flight, in addition to helping us make space for all the new pups that have been coming through our doors and need our care,” it mentioned through social media update.

“We ask that you share this post on all platforms in hopes that someone special might be able to help one of our adorable babies find the family they so badly deserve,” HelpAWS continued.

In conclusion, the dog welfare organisation outlined that if someone is interested, then he/she must feel free to contact them. “If you or someone you know is able to have one of these babies accompany you home or on vacation from NY to Toronto, then please DM us or email,” the update read.