HelpAWS ask public to adopt new pup

HelpAWS ask public to adopt new pup

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, animal welfare organisation of Saint Lucia, has shared a story of newly adopted female pup.

The update was shared through social media, which read, “Sometimes we wonder why people think a pet is disposable, and it breaks our hearts. There are always better options than abandoning them on the side of the road and leaving them to fend for themselves, but sadly, we find ourselves in that situation way too often, and today is a perfect example of that.”

It added that often females are the ones to be dumped because people don’t want to have to deal with the “nuisance” of when they get pregnant and produce too many puppies; they seem to believe that the males are also not an issue when considering the stray population on the island.

“Today we found ourselves yet again with two new adorable female pups, just as we did yesterday,” it highlighted.

It added, “Although it is so gut-wrenching having to go find these babies in the same situations as most of the other pups that come to us, we are so thankful that they are now safe with us and will no longer have to be scared or fight for survival.”

HelpAWS added that “Whenever we think we’ve seen enough hurt and pain from people, we get more pups. It goes beyond any words that things need to change, and we are trying to do just that and fight for animal welfare one day and pup at a time. With all that said, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of our amazing followers, adopters and donations that continue to help us be there for all the babies in need, so thank you.”

In conclusion, the dog shelter outlined about donation ways and appealed the general public. It mentioned, “If you would like to help donate towards these two beautiful little pups and all the babies we have in our care waiting to find their forever homes, then please consider donating.”