HelpAWS invites people for support and donations

HelpAWS call people from New York to become fosters

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, Saint Lucia-based dog shelter, has been welcoming people from New York to become fosters of the little pups.

“Calling all hoomans living in New York, our pups need fosters,” it noted in a recent social media post.

While elaborating on the need for supporters and people wanting to become fosters, the organisation noted, “Do you or someone you know live in or close to the New York area and are looking for an amazing opportunity, being a foster parent is just that! We have so many babies looking for their forever homes, and we are able to send them to New York where they’ll be able to continue their journey towards finding their forever homes but they have nowhere to go.”

Further, it outlined the benefits of a foster for a pup. It mentioned that being a Foster allows the little pups to be able to acclimate to the new climate and home environment. Foster homes also allow the pups to grow their confidence and learn new tricks, which they will take with them to their new families.

Moreover, it extended thanks towards the people who are continuously supporting them during this journey.

“We are always so grateful to those who open their doors to help us, and most importantly these babies, in their journey,” it asserted, adding, “Our fosters come in all shapes and sizes, but all share one thing in common which is being these babies first stepping stone if they haven’t found their forever families.”

“If you have ever considered fostering, this is your sign. We are in need of committed fosters who have open availability. Fostering is not always easy, especially when it’s time to say goodbye, but the payoff is huge when you see the pups grow in confidence and end up in their happily ever after,” it continued.

In conclusion, it said that if anyone is interested in fostering one of the babies, please DM HelpAWS on their Instagram or Facebook or fill in an application on their official website,