HelpAWS appeals travellers to become flight parents

HelpAWS appeals travellers to become flight parents

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS asked travellers from the United States of America, Canada and other major states to become flight parents of the little pups as the temperature is rising and the pups cannot be transported through cargo.

Taking the official social media handle, HelpAWS noted, “Calling all travellers, we need you! With temperatures getting hotter, it’s going to be nearly impossible to send our babies via cargo to their forever homes, so our only option is sending our pups with a flight parent.”

As per the organisation, the favourite and most efficient way to get the babies home is with flight parents!

Furthermore, it noted that a flight parent could be anyone flying from St Lucia to Canada. As a flight parent, one will escort a pup home to their forever family, the Saint Lucia-based organisation, HelpAWS will provide all of the necessary paperwork for an individual’s flight bestie, and all one has to do is give lots of cuddles and kisses during the flight.

“The day of your journey someone from our team will meet you at the airport with your cuddly companion. They will stay at your feet in their carrier throughout your journey but scratches and treats are encouraged. If you or someone you know is travelling from St Lucia to Canada any time soon please have them reach out so we can get some of our pups home,” it stated while explaining the process to become a flight parent.

It additionally asked the general public to be a source between a flight parent and pup and share the update as much as possible. “Also be sure to share this post everywhere so we can spread the word!” it outlined, adding, “Any interested parties can reach out via Instagram or Facebook or email us at”