HelpAWS appeals to adopt pups
HelpAWS appeals to adopt pups || Picture Courtesy: HelpAWS (Facebook)
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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS motivates general public to adopt fur babies and provide them with forever home.

The dog shelter appealed through its official social media handle: “Are you thinking of adopting a fur baby? We love nothing more than seeing our forever babies fly home, but this new addition requires a lot of work and love.”

It further emphasised the importance of adoption and mentioned that adopting a pup seems like the most fantastic experience, and there’s no doubt that it will change your life for the better, but even with all the excitement surrounding your new fur baby, just wanting one isn’t enough of a reason to adopt.

When you bring home a pup, it is FOREVER. Much like babies, they need to be fed, cleaned up after and trained. Like a baby, they will cry and do things they shouldn’t. But would you return your baby? No!

Further, it noted that when you first get your pup, you’re in that honeymoon phase, and everything’s perfect. But reality sets in, and you realise that it’s not all you thought it’d be. Puppies can be a lot of work, but if you’re willing to commit and put in time and effort, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

They require almost round-the-clock care and attention at first to get them to a stage where they have learned and understand basic commands and the boundaries you set.

Further, highlighting the adoption and importance of financial stability, it stated that before adopting a pup or any animal, you have to ask yourself a few questions- Am I able to give this animal the attention it needs? How will this impact my lifestyle, and am I willing to make a few changes and compromise? Am I willing to spend the time as well as effort training? Am I in a good economic position to be able to take care of a pup? Am I ready for a lifelong commitment?

“We always try to make good decisions for our babies and always make ourselves available to answer any questions our adopters may have; even when they need guidance, we are always right there to help as best we can. Adopting a pup is the MOST rewarding experience. The smile you will have on your face when that fur baby cuddles up to you for the first time, the love and tail wags you receive, nothing compares to it,” it was quoted saying.

“We’re so happy when our pups find their forever families, but always remember that these babies are for life, and when you give them the love they deserve, they will give it back to you in return. If anyone is interested in adopting a HelpAWS baby, please visit our website and fill in an application,” it added.