HelpAWS adopt three pups, share heartfelt story

HelpAWS adopt three pups, share heartfelt story

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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS, dog welfare organisation of Saint Lucia, has recently shared update about welcoming three new puppies to the place. The organisation shared the update through a heartfelt message on social media.

“One day maybe we will be able to write that all our animals have loving homes and there are no more babies requiring our care! It’s a wish for us to end their suffering and no longer see animals in pain. Sadly, today is not that day, as we welcome three more sweet babies to our care,” it stated while mentioning about welcoming of the three pups.

It added that two males and one female have now joined the ever-growing number in the shelter. They are tiny at only five weeks old, barely old enough to be away from their momma. Shortly after giving birth to these three sweet souls, the mother ran off, likely terrified and aware she could not survive herself if she had to also care for three tiny mouths.

The organisation also noted that thankfully some people in the area were able to care for the tiny pups, bottle-feeding them until they were big enough to get to us.

“We know that spaying and neutering animals on the island are one of the best ways to help control the stray population and reduce the number of unwanted offspring. This does make an impact, but only if we can catch these scared stray dogs,” HelpAWS stated while emphasising on the impact of the adoption.

It continued, “Unfortunately, many of our cases are like this poor momma, too nervous to trust, so she feels the safest thing to do is to run off to hide. We hope she will return so we can help her and let her know she is in great hands and her babies are safe and getting the car they need.”

Furthermore it asked for support and outlined, “We cannot do it without the generosity of our many supporters, and once again, as you dig deep and donate whatever you may be able to help this momma and pups and many others like her.”

It added, “A great way to donate is through our Father’s Day E-cards, which continue to be on sale, a donation of $10 gets you two adorable E-cards, and $15 gets you 4. All donations can be sent via Etransfer, Paypal or Zelle to or Venmo @helpaws.”