Dominica Labour Party bags victory for sixth consecutive time, wins 19 seats

Dominica: Dominica Labour Party has won the snap general election 2022, held on December 6, 2022. The DLP bagged victory in nineteen (19) out of twenty-one (21) seats. Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has thanked each and every supporter for coming and voting for the political alliance, allowing them to win at nineteen (19) constituencies. He furthermore praised the people of Castle Bruce for the highest voter turnout this year.

Prime Minister Skerrit-led Dominica Labour Party has maintained its streak and has claimed victory for the sixth consecutive time. The political alliance has ruled the country since 2000 under Rosie Douglas and Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

Six out of the twenty-one seats had only one candidate, making DLP rule the constituencies. The results showed that:

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has won all seats and will remain the Parliamentary Representative of the Vielle Case Constituency. Dr Irving Francis McIntyre will serve as the Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Valley for the next five years. Darren Pinard, Roland Royer, Lakeyia Lennicia Jamelle Joseph and Jullan B.G Defoe will remain Parliamentary Representatives of Colihaut, Cottage, Paix Bouche and Petite Savanne Constituencies, respectively.

On the other side, from Grand Bay Constituency, Vince Henderson of DLP won by 1139 votes (97.60%), and Team Unity Dominca’s Lyndon Peters bagged the second slot with just 17 votes (1.46%).

Melissa Poponne-Skerrit claimed 1023 votes (92.00%) and will remain a Parliamentary Representative of Roseau Central. Independent Candidate Karshma Richards got 48 votes (4.32%).

Picture Courtesy: Dominica Labour Party

Octavia Alfred bagged a total of 782 votes (85.09%) from Castle Bruce Constituency. Independent Candidate Kelvin Cadette won 137 votes (14.91%).

From La Plaine, Dr Cassandra Williams won 690 votes (94.65%). Jason Fontaine of TUD won 39 votes (5.35%).

Cassani C Laville claimed 2016 votes (96.18%) and will serve as Parl Rep of Mahaut. Independent Candidate Dunstan Peters bagged just 80 votes (3.82%)

Gretta Bernadette Roberts won 571 votes (76.64%) from Grand Fond Constituency, while the independent candidate won just 174 votes (23.36%).

Fenella Wenham bagged 916 votes (88.93%) and will be the Parliamentary Representative of Portsmouth.

From Roseau North, Miriam Alethea Blanchard claimed 1476 votes (87.70%), and Independent Candidates won 115 and 92, respectively.

Picture Courtesy: Dominica Labour Party

Chekira Nikisha Sara Lockhart won 1739 votes (81.34%) from Roseau South. Along with this, both independent candidates won 312 and 87 votes.

Cozier Pius Frederick won a total of 334 votes (66.93%) and will serve as Parl Rep of Salybia Constituency. On the contrary, Independent Candidate won 165 votes (33.07%)

St Joseph Constituency witnessed the winning of Darron Tevin Lloyd of DLP from 91 votes (91.92%). The two independent candidates won 3 and 4 votes and TUD bagged just 1 vote.

Denise Charles won 1236 votes (94.14%) from Soufriere Constituency. Independent Candidate Tahira Blanchard only claimed 77 votes (5.86%)

Fidel Grant bagged 717 votes (70.99%) from Wesley Constituency.

Gregory Riviere lost the Marigot Constituency seat after gaining 329 votes (39.83%). Whereas Independent Candidate Anthony S. Charles won with 491 votes (59.44%)

Independent Candidate Jesma Paul won with 617 votes (57.13%) and Lynsia Frank of DLP lost, bagging 463 votes (42.87%) from Salisbury Constituency.

Picture Courtesy: DLP

Dominica Elections History:

The history of elections in Dominica can be traced back to 1951 when the country was still a British colony. Before this, elections were held for a Legislative Council, with members being appointed by the governor.

In 1951, a new constitution was introduced, introducing universal adult suffrage and a system of direct elections to a Legislative Council. This allowed the people of Dominica to elect their representatives for the first time directly. The first election was held on May 16, 1951, and resulted in a victory for the Labour Party, led by Edward Le Blanc, who went on to become the first Prime Minister of the island.

The Legislative Council was replaced with a House of Assembly in 1967, and the first elections to this body were held in 1968. During this period, the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) and the United Workers Party (UWP) were the two most significant political parties in the country, with the DLP enjoying a majority in the House for much of the period.

In 1978, Dominica gained independence from the United Kingdom, and the first post-independence elections were held in 1980. The DLP won these elections, and Le Blanc remained Prime Minister until 1995. Since then, there have been four different Prime Ministers, with the most recent being Roosevelt Skerrit, who was elected in 2004. Previously, general elections were held on December 6, 2019, resulting in a landslide victory for the Labour Party. DLP won its fifth consecutive election after bagging 18 seats out of 21.

Overall, the history of elections in Dominica has been one of progress, with the people of the island demonstrating a strong commitment to democracy.