Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the leader of Dominica Labour Party, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, introduced Vince Henderson as the candidate for the Grand Bay constituency. Henderson will be representing the political party in the upcoming snap general elections, scheduled on December 6, 2022.

While introducing the candidate, Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit stated that Vince Henderson would be having the full support of DLP, and his agendas and plans for the housing program would also be backed by the government. PM emphasised that the government of Dominica has been working for the people and has been spending money on building housing units.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit was quoted saying that he knows housing is a major challenge across the constituency and the government has been spending money to build homes, but there are many more homes we shall build to create better housing Solutions for Citizens and residents of the Grand Bay constituency.

Prime Minister Skerrit stated that Vince Henderson is the best choice for the people and development of the Grand Bay constituency. He further urged that the supporters of DLP must go out and vote for the political party on Election Day – December 6, 2022. The Prime Minister added that people must not forget that Labour has always stood for the public.

Vince Henderson also addressed the audience at the launching ceremony held on December 3, 2022 (Saturday). The primary focus of Henderson was on education, health, sports, and youth, as well as sectors like farming and fisheries.

Furthermore, he recalled his work as the Parliamentary Representative of Grand Bay Constituency and thanked the government of Dominica for investing in the upliftment and development of the constituency. He stated that DLP is committed to transforming primary schools to give children the best opportunity to learn and that our teachers can work in a comfortable environment. He added that the development would also come with the availability of jobs for the teachers, providing salaries and better security in their jobs.

Henderson further highlighted that the government is also working days and nights to provide better healthcare to the people of the constituency. The hospitals in Grand Bay have been equipped with modern equipment and offer world-class treatment.

Additionally, he assured that the DLP-led government has worked for the farmers and will continue to work for them. “We are allowing them to make money, allowing them to be self-reliant and self-dependent so that our communities can be stronger and better,” Dr Vince Henderson outlined.

He concluded, “I will serve you better, and for that, you need to come out on December 6 to make sure the victory is in our hands.”