Dominica: PM Rossevelt Skerrit appeals Dominicans to vote Cassandra Williams from La Plaine Constituency

Dominica: PM Rossevelt Skerrit appeals Dominicans to vote Cassandra Williams from La Plaine Constituency

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Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit addressed the public of La Plaine Constituency during the launching event of Dr Cassandra Williams as the candidate for Dominica Labour Party (DLP) on December 1, 2022. During the launching event, PM appealed the audience to support the Labour Party in the upcoming general elections.

He further stated that the world will notice the country next Tuesday, December 6. PM Skerrit emphasised that, around the world, general elections have been conducted amid the pandemic of Covid-19 and elections have also been conducted in the midst of the global social, political and economic meltdown. He added that the snap elections have been called all over the globe.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit, then, raised a question, “How is abnormal happening in Dominica?” By citing the example of sister island Barbados he said that the opposition stood up and contested the elections because “that is what opposition parties do”.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis also witnessed snap general elections and opposition fought against the ruling party firmly and bagged a landslide victory. He emphasised that despite these examples, Dominicans are told that they are incapable of managing their own affairs and that blocking of roads and burning of tyres is the pathway to success.

He added that no one in this country told the United Workers Party not to contest the elections. They heard elections were called; they knew they were not ready…and they panicked. They jumped ahead of themselves and declared that they were not taking part.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit further asked the audience to come out and vote the candidates of Dominica Labour Party on December 6, Tuesday. “You have a voice, supporters and well-wishers of the Dominica Labour Party. You have a voice and I want you to raise that voice in unison from the opening of the polls on Tuesday to the closing of the door,” he highlighted.

Following this, he introduced the candidate for La Plaine – Dr Cassandra Williams. “I am no political strategist but if I were a senior member of the Workers Party on November 6th, I would have demanded an urgent delegates conference and by the following Thursday night, a new leader would have been elected and the party would have been ready to field a full slate of candidates on November 19th, Nominations Day,” he said.

Furthermore, he appealed, “I call upon Dominicans tonight to judge us fairly. We were not perfect. We made some errors but we also did a great deal of good for this country. It is good to be in Delices tonight. I am proud of our choice of candidate. She shall represent you with honor and dignity. I want Cassandra Williams’ name to be called on Tuesday night as the duly elected member for the La Plaine Constituency.”

PM Skerrit stated that the Labour Party has nominated a fine slate of candidates which will work hard for the upliftment and growth of the nation.

He concluded his addressed, “People of the East and South East of Dominica I want all four seats just mentioned and when those four are in the bag. I also want Gregory Riviere to be elected as the New Parl Rep for the constituency of Marigot.”