PM Roosevelt Skerrit introduces Cozier Frederick as candidate for Salybia, slams UWP for recycling leaders

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit introduces Cozier Frederick as candidate for Salybia, slams UWP for recycling leaders

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Dominica: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the leader of the Dominica Labour Party – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, launched the Candidate for the Salybia Constituency. As per the announcement by the PM, Cozier Frederick will be the candidate of DLP for the upcoming general elections in 2022.

While launching the candidate, PM Roosevelt Skerrit outlined that this Labour 2022 campaign was built on two fundamental themes: ‘ That Labour is still the best choice’ and ‘Stability is key.

Prime Minister Skerrit furthermore slammed the opposition and stated that the outcome of the UWP convention today supports the seriousness of the times in which we live. UWP pressured Lennox Linton to resign in September. That is after the plotters had spent the previous three months searching for what they considered pedigree leadership. In automobile terms, they decided they wanted either a Mercedes and BMW or a Bentley.

With general elections due in 2025, they were continuing to search, and we heard of this professional; we heard of the daughter of this body. All kinds of brand names, he stated further.

Additionally, Prime Minister Skerrit pointed out that the new leader of the United Workers Party is a “gentleman that could not even convince his own constituency to vote for him.”

He added that the UWP would be led by the person who packed and ran when hurricanes began to shake Dominica, a man who never sent a single barrel home after Maria and a man who states that he works for a foreign government but who could not get a vaccine far less a Covid-19 test kit for the people of Dominica.

Prime Minister Skerrit mentioned that the opposition is the most environmentally friendly party in the world as it has been a “recycling of leaders.” He outlined that Thompson Fontaine is a brand new second-hand leader.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit asserted that UWP was talking about orange as the new blue; he also stated that many of those so-called independents are agents of the UWP.

PM Skerrit further said that the choice is crystal clear for the people of Dominica, and they must cast a vote for Dominica Labour Party and tell him that they are grateful for all Labour has done for them, their community and the country.

He quoted saying, “People must make up their minds on which side of the fence they stand. UWP had an eleventh hour apparently to show what it is made of and once again, it demonstrated that Labour is still the best choice for Dominica.”

Prime Minister also assured the supporters that we don’t just want to win these elections. We want a significant number of Dominicans to vote for us and be a part of the national reset that is necessary going into 2023. So, the elections on December 6th are not a spectator sport. It is not about observing it from your air-conditioned office. Even if you are appointed to the service, a UWP government led by some person like Thompson Fontaine will find ways and means of sending home-appointed public officers. So, don’t believe that you are safe and therefore you don’t need Labour anymore. Your fortune is in jeopardy by what we see unfolding in the UWP.

He concluded his address and said, “This is not an election for people to sit down and watch. If you know that the Labour Party is the best choice for Dominica at this time, then go out and vote for the Dominica Labour Party.”