Dominica Labour Party launches Gregory Riviere as its candidate for Marigot Constituency
Dominica Labour Party launches Gregory Riviere as its candidate for Marigot Constituency

Marigot, Dominica: The Dominica Labour Party has launched Gregory Riviere as its candidate for Marigot Constituency on Thursday. The launching event was held after a delay caused by bad weather events. The DLP-hosted event was attended by Prime Minister and leader of the political front Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, who highlighted those striking things about the elections is the participation of youngsters and youth joining DLP as they believe that Labour is the best choice for the country.

“This country has gone through challenging times, many natural disasters and the pandemic, but the Dominica Labour Party has done a remarkable job in binding the economy,” said Prime Minister Skerrit.

While introducing the candidate for Marigot, PM Skerrit stated that Gregory Riviere has good qualities of representation and will bring the right programmes and opportunities for people of the constituency, especially the youth.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister outlined, “We have always delivered all our promises done by the people of Marigot, including providing hospital and health centre as well as primary school.” He also mentioned all the infrastructural projects were completed on time.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit was quoted as saying, “We have to address the housing, education, and better opportunities for farmers and fisheries. All you need is a connection between the government and the Marigot people, somebody who cares about you. For too long, you have had a parl rep who does not care for you.”

During the launching ceremony, Gregory Riviere stated that Dominica Labour Party thinks of people from its heart and continues to take the country towards progress. He said that after Hurricane Maria, times have been challenging for the government.

Riviere stated that during his tenure as senator, he continued duties towards the Marigot constituency and rehabilitated the Wills Strathmore Stevens Primary School.

While concluding the address to the general public, he said, “If I win this election on December 6, I will call Mr Skerrit myself the very same night, not to get congratulations, but I am going to remind him of the proposal that I submitted to him to ensure that this facility is operated as an official part of entry because we need it.”