Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit launches Miriam Blanchard as DLP candidate from Roseau North

Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit launches Miriam Blanchard as DLP candidate from Roseau North

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Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, attended the launching ceremony of Dominica Labour Party’s candidate from Roseau North Constituency – Miriam Blanchard, on November 23, 2022 (Tuesday).

While introducing Blanchard to the general public of the constituency, PM Skerrit stated that he has complete faith and confidence in the DLP candidate and assured that she would be fully supported if elected to the parliament.

During the ceremony, PM Skerrit said he has complete confidence in Blanchard as Miriam Blanchard will represent Roseau North diligently and will represent the constituency well. He mentioned, “For way too long, people of Roseau North have made wrong choices, and we have heard excuses from the parliament representatives of the past. Now, people can vote for Miriam Blanchard and support progress and prosperity.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that North Constituency has faced various challenges and promised Dominica Labour Party would address all the difficulties.

Furthermore, he outlined, “I want to create with you and your parliament representative new aspiring communities that have access to clean water, electricity as well as proper sanitation so that the children can grow up in clean and proper housing.”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also asserted that this is not about Labour or UWP but this is about the welfare of the people, families, and what the people desire for themself, their country and for their communities.

Miriam Blanchard also interacted with the audience present to attend the launch ceremony of the candidate. She emphasised the investments made by the DLP-led government.

“Your government is investing heavily in agriculture and fisheries to boost production and export and ensure national and regional food security. Funds have been allocated for expansion in the manufacturing sector, agro-processing and small business to advance growth in the local economy and promote wealth creation,” Miriam Blanchard.

She added, “In the digital economy, opportunities abound for young people to access online jobs and develop their capacities in ICT and software development. The vision of this government for a more robust and prosperous nation is unfolding right before your eyes.”

Additionally, she stated that her top agenda during her service tenure would be empowering single mothers and youth. She said, “Youth and single mothers would have access to skills training and resources to equip them to enter the workforce and learn a new trade so they could be self-employed.”

While addressing the supporters of DLP, Blanchard stated that the time has come for Roseau North will come on board with policies as well as a plan of great government.

“It is time that Roseau North fully endorse this working government through the ballot. It is time we pull our skills, talents and resources to build better lives for our people and strengthen our communities,” stressed the parliamentary representative from the Roseau North constituency Miriam Blanchard.