Dominica: The Dominica Labour Party have changed the venue for the launching ceremony of the candidate for the Salisbury Constituency, Lynsia Frank, at the Salisbury Playing Field to Vieille Case after reporting several threats to the supporters. The event was hosted on Tuesday, November 29.

The political front has stated that it was concerned about the safety of the thousands of Dominica who would have attended this rally to show support for DLP candidate Lynsia Frank and for the Dominica Labour Party.


The Dominica Labour Party has noted that the reason behind the shift of the rally was threats made to the supporters of the DLP over the past few days, especially in the last 12 hours. The press release by the Dominica Labour Party read, “We received information that some elements of the United Workers Party, aided by the former MP of the Salisbury Constituency, planned to take actions to prevent Labourites and Dominicans from participating in the rally in Salisbury.”

According to the release by DLP, some of these agents of UWP were planning to challenge and obstruct the technical team’s efforts to set up the rally site. The former MP seems to have finally realised that he will no longer be the MP for the Salisbury Constituency and will no longer be earning a salary for doing anything based on his words and actions. It is obvious that his rage is misdirected; rather than being angry with the DLP and the Salisbury voters who have decided to support the DLP, he ought to be angry with his party for refusing to run in the general elections on December 6, 2022.

Additionally, the post stated that it is clear that the former Salisbury constituency MP is determined to incite uprisings in Salisbury, which would taint the results of the elections and draw attention to Dominica from the international community.

The DLP is an established company and is the most disciplined and well-organised party in Dominica’s history. The DLP is renowned for its adoration and esteem of all Dominicans. The DLP is a non-violent political organisation that always seeks to avoid conflict, the release highlighted.

The members of the Dominica Labour party have further stated that the political party will keep running the campaign in every town and region of the Salisbury Constituency. Therefore, they decided to change the location of the meeting tonight to Vieille Case, where the Political Leader of the DLP and the Member of Parliament for Vieille Case Constituency and Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, as well as the DLP candidate for the Salisbury Constituency Lynsia Frank, were the featured speakers.

Dominica Labour Party further apologised to the vendors and shop owners whose opportunity for general income has vanished because of the change in the location.