Dominica: Dr Thompson Fontaine appointed as new leader of United Workers Party
Dominica: Dr Thompson Fontaine appointed as new leader of United Workers Party
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Dominica: The opposition of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the United Workers Party, has appointed Dr Thomson Fontaine as the new leader on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

Dr Fontaine beat Clement Marcellin, who was the only other opponent in the leadership race. The voting ceremony was conducted at the Goodwill Parish Hall, Dominica. As per the reports by the source associated with the UWP, Fontaine won by 79 votes out of 123 votes.


After losing the post of leader, Marcellin has been appointed as the deputy political leader. Anette Sanford fought for the position of deputy political leader but lost as she received just 54 votes, whereas Marcellin received a total of 142 votes.

Lennox Linton, the formal leader of UWP, is the new president of the political front. United Workers Party has stated that Linton’s election was unanimous.

Besides this, elections were also held for other positions like Vice President, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer (PRO).

1) Following the elections, the new Vice President of UWP is Francesca Joseph
2) Secretary of the United Workers Party is Nicholas George
3) New Assistant Secretary is Diane Victor
4) The treasurer of UWP will be Ezekeil Bazil, and Kent Joseph will be the Assistant Treasurer of the political front.
5) Public Relations Officer (PRO) will be Tehillah Bannis
6) The International Secretary of the United Workers Party will be Dr McDonald Thomas
7) E James, N Prevost and E JnoFinn will serve as the trustees

The new leader of the political front was announced weeks after the Prime Minister of Dominica and leader of Dominica Labour Party, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, informed that the Commonwealth of Dominica would witness general elections on December 6, 2022.

Following this announcement, United Workers Party stated that they would boycott the election and would not contest; this was later criticised by (now leader of UWP) Dr Thomson Fontaine.