PM Roosevelt Skerrit-led DLP to remain committed to review current electoral practices
PM Roosevelt Skerrit-led DLP to remain committed to review current electoral practices

Dominica: Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has recently launched Fidel Grant as the candidate for Dominica Labour Party from Wesley Constituency. During the launching ceremony, PM Skerrit highlighted different ways to develop electoral practices in the nation.

He stated that DLP is committed to reviewing current electoral practices and will be directed by the majority view of the various stakeholders. PM Skerrit notified that the political party has always remained committed to pursuing as well as effecting needed changes to the electoral practices in the country.

Prime Minister Skerrit further stressed the National Identification Cards (NIC) and stated that the government would issue NICs not just for voting but for almost every public gathering. He further mentioned that the people must understand and should behave wisely on Election Day. He said, “There is no need to block roads and burn tyres for this. All of Dominica is one on the need for this, and we shall do it and do it efficiently when once we are agreed on the national data collection and management service that will have to be employed.”

Prime Minister outlined that the Election Day will be monitored in accordance with the recommendations of the sole Commissioner as well as informed opinion and advice from the Commonwealth, the OAS, CARICOM, Carter Centre and all other interest groups.

PM Roosevelt Skerrit further clarified the ‘National Reset’ he mentioned. He mentioned that the national reset, called in January, would deal with major issues, including development of infrastructure, prioritization of spending and providing housing units to the families. He added that he called these snap general elections because he wanted to turn a page and chart a new path. “We have reinforced their armour, and we are ready for 2023 and for whatever it brings them, as a nation and a region,” he was quoted saying.

PM Skerrit then recalled the workings of the DLP-led administration. Firstly, he remembered the working of the government during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic and then mentioned the salaries and pensions.

Following this, he appreciated Fidel Grant and mentioned that they had a candidate lined up for Fidel Grant in this constituency, but when the poor fellow hit the road and started moving around the constituency, he realized Fidel Grant was too established. He realized that the elderly love Grant. The young boys like Grant and the young ladies trust Fidel Grant and his dignified way of handling issues.

“The opponent they had lined up for Wesley threw in his towel, both in the constituency and in the race for leadership of that party. He wants Fidel Grant to be returned to Parliament on Tuesday evening,” said the prime minister.

Prime Minister Skerrit further asked Dominica to choose wisely and vote for the Dominica Labour Party as it has done a lot for the growth of the people and country. “Go out and support your Dominica Labour Party, and together, we shall work things out in 2023 and beyond,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit highlighted.