Vaccination centers shut down in Cayman till 16th June 2021

Vaccination centers shut in Cayman till 16th June 2021
Vaccination centers shut in Cayman till 16th June 2021

The vaccination centers tend to be closed till the arrival of the next batch of vaccine doses on 16 June 2021. As all vaccine, those were supplied to Cayman have been used up in vaccinating the Cayman’s citizens.

From 17th,18th, 19 June, those people can get their vaccine. Who is supposed to take their second dose of vaccine but waiting for it as the vaccine doses that were available have been used. Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, before then, can get their second shots at dedicated clinics.

On giving all the vaccine shots to the citizens of Cayman as it was planed in the programme. The Public Health team revived greetings by DR John Lee, Chief Medical Officer.

DR John Lee said that vaccination sites on Grand Cayman have now been closed until the next delivery, which has been anticipated the middle of the month.
The UK will be sending the subsequent supply of vaccines on the 16 June British Airways flight.


The Cayman Islands Tourism Association, in connection with the R3 Cayman Foundation charity, also started a separate draw, in which people getting vaccinated had a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize and different types of other tourism-related awards priced to a total of $15,000.

With the prize draws as an encouragement, as well as a scheme that work-permit holders restoring their licenses or getting new ones would be needed to be vaccinated, thousands of people who had been putting off taking the vaccine were vaccinated in recent weeks. As of Friday, 60% of Cayman’s expected 65,000 residents were fully vaccinated, and 45,766, or 70% of the population, had received at least one dose.

After the batch got finished of the vaccines that Cayman had, the public health departments said the people who are due with their 2 nd dose of vaccine to not to worry because whenever the next shipment arrives of vaccine, they will be put on priority.