Harrinand Persaud elected as new President of THAG

Harrinand Persaud elected as new President of THAG

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Guyana: Harrinand Persaud has elected as the President of The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana. Harrinand is also working as the Chief Financial and Marketing officer at King’s Hotel & Residences, Bistro Cafe and Bar, King’s Jewellery World and Starr Computers.

Harrinand Persaud said that it would be his great honour and opportunity to serve as the President of the Tourism and Hotel Associaton of Guyana. He paid his gratitude to the past President of THAG Mitra Ramkumar, Ms Oslyn Martindale, the Executive Officer and others who are part of this association.


THAG, in a statement, said that despite the COVID-19 Pandemic and its adverse impact on tourism and hospitality businesses, Guyana would continue to be a top tourist destination and attraction. As such, Mr Persaud appealed to members to be ready whilst staying safe. With a mass vaccination programme in place, our industry will bloom again, as is evident in other countries. We will continue to follow the safe practice guidelines, and gradually, herd immunity will be achieved.

Newly elected President of THAG Harrinand Persaud has been advised by the previous President Mitra Ramkumar that whenever Persaud is in need, he will be ready to advise and assist him and Persaud was also advised that he should work closely with the directors, members of THAG, and should walk along with them so that he can get needed assistance, advice, the guidance of his staff and members of THAG.

The new team of THAG have very talented new members like Mr Harrinand Persaud MBA, Chief Financial & Marketing Officer, King’s Jewellery World as new President of THAG. Mr Kenneth Shivdyal, Destination Development Manager, Wilderness Explorers as the new Vice President of THAG, Mrs Camille Boodhoo, Managing Director, Old Fort Tours & Angellina’s Travel Service, the new treasurer. Mr Eduardo Reple, General Manager, Guyana Marriott Hotel Georgetown, Mr Dane Gobin, CEO, Iwokrama, Ms Zena Bone, Owner, Adel’s Rainforest Resort, Mr Victor Pires, Managing Director, Bullseye Investments are the new members of the committee