High fatality rate in Region-9 of Guyana with one eldery death

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Guyana: Since March 2020, the total number of deaths have reached 325. The person was 60 years old who tested positive and died because of the COVID-19 virus. With this, it added one more in the count of deaths.

The age recorded of that old-man is to be the oldest till now in the Region 9 of Guyana who died under treatment of the medical care facilities in the hospital. One more death of a male person has been reported in the same region of Region 9 Guyana on the same day.


The death count due to COVID-19 in May has now reached 24, whereas the month of April 2021 has been stated as the deadliest months in the pandemic till now. The death rate of April is 44 in the numbers.

From March 4th 2021, till the present day, the cases of COVID-19 are rising to the hikes in the graphs whether its death rate or numbers of person getting infected by the COVID-19 virus in Guyana.

The total number of fatality rates are high, with the number of 125 deaths till now from March 4th 2021.

The local people have been now speeding up to get vaccinated. The vaccines being currently used by the country are the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India, the Russian sputnik V vaccine, the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

The country’s administration have instructed their people to follow the guidelines of safety against the COVID-19. These instructions also include the process of getting fully vaccinated with both doses of the vaccination. Now the cases of COVID-19 have surpassed 12,000 count in Guyana that is being noted from March 2020. There are no new measures of safety against COVID-19. During the present time, only following the safety guidelines and get vaccinated is the most important shield against the COVID-19 attack that has been proven deadly till the present day.


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