Guyana-Belize integrated education programme to start from tomorrow

The teaching of regional integration programmes and The CARICOM Single Market and Economy via these online classrooms will start on 10th May 2021 Monday.

Guyana-Belize integrated education programme to start from tomorrow
Guyana-Belize integrated education programme to start from tomorrow

A teacher of Social Studies and History, Ms Eletha Stewart-Johnson from Queen’s College in Guyana, will give virtual teaching lessons to students at the Ladyville Technical High School in Belize main focus will remain on the introduction of CARICOM to students. These classes will start at 10.30 according to Belize timing.

The students from Belize can also participate in the lectures with their teacher of Social Studies, Mr Abdiel Medina. The students from both Belize & Guyana will engage with each other during virtually taught lessons through the online education programme.

On 17th May 2021, Mr Abdiel Medina will take lessons of Ms Stewart Johnson’s class and give them the studies on the subject he is associated with in his educational career via the online sources and will also complete the topic of introduction to CARICOM. 

The teachers are paired so that they will teach students from each country for a better experience. As per sources, teachers from Belize would take classes of Guyanese students and vice versa. The classes would commence on Monday (May 10, 2021).

The other teachers are Mr Albert Inshanally of Queen’s College in Guyana and Ms Stefphoney Grinage of Sacred Heart College from Belize. 

The schools that have participated and the Ministries Responsible for Education and Trade have proved great support to this novel project. This project is part of the project by CARICOM of public education on CSME.this project will also get assistance from the European Unions in future.