Caribbean must unite to resume tourism sector

every Caribbean country should get unite to fight against the adverse effect of COVID-19 on its travel and tourism industry

Caribbean must unite to resume tourism sector
Caribbean must unite to resume tourism sector

Dominica: The COVID-19 has had a disastrous impact on the economic system of many countries and many businesses. The industry related to travel and tourism has been severely affected and the countries are also affected those are associated with this industry.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, on Tuesday, during Regional Policy Dialogue on resumption of tourism, said that not only Dominica is suffering from the impact of the pandemic, but other countries are also in the same queue. The PM said that the government should take this crisis as a new opportunity to bring change in the travel and tourism industry. The Caribbean countries that are mainly dependent on the travel and tourism industry can rethink and reshape this industry during a period of pandemic, which will be taken forward. These changes should be made after keeping this in mind that now the travellers will be more health-conscious, hygiene conscious and those who seek for having holidays experience in flora and fauna and something different from traditional vacations.

Keeping this all in mind, he said that traveller behaviour would also get influenced by the evolution of the crisis. The terms should be shaped according to that for the travellers in the future.

Keeping all the consequences in mind many Caribbean islands have opened their doors for the travellers who want to travel their country internationally from any sphere of the world. These all travellers have a shortlist to follow before the arrival to those islands, just like the travellers should be fully vaccinated within three months before travelling or having the negative report of corona test within three days before boarding. These islands somehow soften the burden on the Caribbean community as they have started the tour and travelling on their islands by which will generate a good amount of revenue.

Roosevelt Skerrit also said that all countries should think of creative ways by which they can give some assistance to the major players in this industry to survive. In this critical situation, when several countries are going through economic instability, the Caribbean countries will look after their employees and safeguard their jobs and salaries.

During this period of crisis, PM said that the Caribbean countries should now look for the setups for online markets by which it will establish contactless dealings between consumer and seller. This market will also help the consumer to go through the varieties online without going in the crowd. Under this digitalization, some Caribbean countries have started online classes for the students.

The Caribbean community should give a unique Caribbean package to its tourists. In which the travellers for one week can go trekking through rain forest and bathing in pristine rivers and another week visiting a drive in a volcano.

Improvements of roads, harbours and airports sites of attraction should also be made. This crisis is like others but also provides opportunities to re-group and come back better and stronger.