Health Educator hails PM Harris’ monthly walk: “Walking boosts immune system”

The latest issue of the Prime Minister's Monthly Health Walk held on Saturday, May 1, had an impressive turnout

St Kitts and Nevis: The latest issue of the Prime Minister’s Monthly Health Walk held on Saturday, May 1, had an impressive turnout of health awareness enthusiasts who were with Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris on the traditional route they took from Bellevue to the Ottley’s took hard lanes.

“The Prime Minister’s monthly health walk is a great opportunity to take part in, because with these kinds of activities, it helps you boost your immune system and also keep you healthy and fit,” said the regular participant of Health Walk, Dr Mathias Afortu-Ofre.


According to Dr Afortu-Ofre, who is the national coordinator and health educator of the HIV / Aids program, people must to workout at least once a month – and more – as they go to work where they end up very busy due to regular work schedules. if possible – get involved in such an exercise, because it helps a lot with the heart and the immune system.

“This strategy put in place by the Prime Minister is surprising, because he knows that he is not only 100% concerned about the citizens and residents, but that he is also concerned about their health, because sometimes we eat a lot of things that are not really is not ideal,” said the Health Educator.

“It’s an opportunity for us to burn a lot of calories, to move to strengthen our immune system, and also to create an opportunity to work our hearts up a bit, you know – keep it going.”

The now very popular Prime Minister’s monthly health walk, which attracts numerous health-conscious individuals from across the island of St. Kitts, and even from Nevis. Event was initiated in April 2007 by the parliamentary representative for St. Kitts constituency Seven, Dr Timothy Harris. It is now being held under the umbrella of SKN Moves in the Ministry of Health.

“I want to offer a huge benefit and thank the Prime Minister for what he has done, and what he is doing for the broad country,” Dr Afortu-Ofre said. “Wherever you are, please do not wait, arrive at this exercise experience to ensure that you keep yourself healthy, not only mentally but also physically healthy. It’s an event and I’m part of it – I’m always happy to be a part of it. Come join us, and let us make our health a priority, as the Prime Minister regards it as a joy and a passion.”

Prime Minister Harris, who is also CARICOM’s chief spokesperson on human resources, health and HIV issues, has been involved in the walk at the bus stop in Bellevue from the beginning. While noting that a number of elementary school children participated in the hike, he thanked their parents for participating. He noted that it is important to instill in young people good values, because they will appreciate what they have been taught.


Regular participants who took part in the walk included Permanent Secretaries, Dr Delores Stapleton-Harris of Health and William Vincent Hodge of Education. Other regular residents include the resident ambassador of the Republic of China to Taiwan, his excellent president Tom Lee, director of St Kitts and Nevis Social Security Board, Antonio Maynard, and medical practitioners, Dr Leroy Richardson and Dr Dail Crawford.

The march is organized by the Peoples Labor Party (PLP), of which the national political leader Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris is. Among the party officials present was the national chairman, Warren Thompson, the national secretary Myrtilla Williams, the national treasurer, Rawle Mars, the national women’s representative Sonia Henry, and the national youth representative, Jeremiah Locker.

Others were Deputy Secretary Ms Desire Huggins, Deputy Treasurer Mrs Patrice Ofre, and Administrative Assistant at the PLP Secretariat Joann Kelly. The chairman of the constituency number seven executive branch, Lenworth Harris, and constituency number five of the branch was the chairman, Glenville Mills, Vice President Marsha Lewis and the women’s representative me. Janice Lewis.