Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine said antigen will start soon in Trinidad and Tobago

Barbados discovers 68 new COVID-19 cases
Barbados discovers 68 new COVID-19 cases

The citizens visiting each other’s places is also noted as one of the main reasons to increase the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country. This statement was stated by the Officials from the Tobago Regional Health Authority.

They are advising the citizens to get fully vaccinated, and they also told that the antigen would be started within one week in Tobago that will definitely lead to faster results.
Health Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine said that they also know that asymptomatic people are super spreaders. They need to ensure that they isolate and vaccinate as soon as possible.

49 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Thursday that was the highest numbers of cases recorded in the country.

Dr Anthony Thompson said that the bulk of those cases signified persons who were either communicating of a recognized case or persons who came with symptoms at our various testing means. Many of them represent clusters within families. Cases were discovered in lunchrooms in offices.

Workplaces tend to be the most common areas where these clusters occur. In chatting with persons who turn the hotline, people often tell you when it involves handling coworkers, sitting within the lunchroom, and browsing the whole day. A lot of times, people leave their mask and find themselves being exposed to persons inadvertently.

The health authorities also announced the introduction of antigen testing on the island.
TRHA Medical Chief of Staff, Dr Victor Wheeler, said it might begin during a week approximately.

The TRHA noted that samples tested via the antigen method will still be sent to TPHL as a part of the health system’s validation protocol.
The TRHA also said it had given 5,814 people their first doses of the vaccine.

Trinidad and Tobago, from 3 Jan 2020 to 5 June 2021, the numbers have reached 25,272 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with a death count of 537. Till 27 May 2021, a total of 77,422 vaccine doses have been administered.